So what’s this all about then? Well I’m glad you asked. Each episode the guest brings a song that means something to them to share with the group. They discuss why they picked it and what it means to them with host Dan Lynch, who in turn picks a song he thinks they might enjoy or relate to based on the selection. It’s a bit like musical tennis, it’s a serve and volley, get it? OK maybe we laboured that set up a little but you get the idea. Just listen to an episode and you’ll quickly get the idea.


The artwork for this show was created by Nick Jones AKA @LemurPatrol on Twitter. You should check out his work, you won’t be disappointed. Nick was also the first ever guest on the show and you can hear him on episode 001.

Nick’s Wonderful Cover Art
The man himself

How do I get on the show? Or suggest a friend?

Just send us an email with a song choice or reason you’d like to be on. The address is

You can also tweet us via @podontherecord